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All you need to know about KL2017 SEA Games

Ready or not, the 29th Southeast Asian Games are back! This year's SEA Games, also known as KL2017, will be hosted by our homeland till this 30th August 2017.

Because we're so stoked to be part of this, we've gathered these interesting facts about the SEA Games that we never knew about, plus some useful info of this year's Games just for you!


Initially known as the South East Asian Peninsula Games (SEAP Games), the sports event was first established to encourage cooperation and build a better understanding between countries in the Southeast Asian region. Since then, this iconic sports event included countries such as Brunei, Indonesia and the Philippines which was eventually renamed as the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) back in year 1977.

Fast forward today, there are a total of 11 participating countries that are going neck and neck to bring some gold medals home through sports!

Stay updated with the latest ranking from the official Medal Tally.


Traditionally, hosting duties are rotated among the member countries of the SEA Games Federation. It will be Malaysia's 6th time to host the SEA Games since our last in 2001.

There is a total of 404 events held over 38 different sports that will take place in several venues across the country. This year, we will also be seeing a number of sports that were missing from the last Games in Singapore, such as Cricket, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Karate, Muay and Weightlifting.


Believe it or not, the KL2017 SEA Games will be held at 36 different venues with a total of 19 venues in Kuala Lumpur alone, another 10 in Selangor, and a few more across Putrajaya, Nilai, and Pulau Langkawi. We've created this map along the Klang Valley to make it easier for you to catch the games and show your support!

In case you're wondering, here's the list of sports that will be held at these venues:

If you're planning to watch any of these games, take a look at the full schedule to plan ahead! We've also found this really useful guide that will take you to each venue through public transport. #NoJamNoProblem


Now here comes the tricky bit. Catching the games LIVE through television is so 2 years ago! Since the games will be held in our homeland itself, take this opportunity to be one of the spectators to catch the real deal!

However, many are not aware with the ticketing system for this year's SEA Games, even ourselves.

Here's where you can get tickets to each sports event at KL2017:

  • 1. Mayflower Outlets
  • 2. Paradise Tours
  • 3. Myticket

Get full deets on these official ticket outlets before purchasing your tickets. You can always save the hassle and purchase online directly here.

Most of the admission tickets are quite affordable, ranging from RM10-RM20 depending of the type of sports. Here's a tip, there are also a number of sports events with FREE ADMISSION, so you're more than welcome to come and show your support!

We hope this gives you a better insight on the KL2017 SEA Games. Just so you know, Malaysia has the highest number of athletes with a total of 874 participants whom will be competing in this year's games.

Let's give our fullest support and #BangkitBersama our home team to strive hard and bring home gold! #KamiTeamMalaysia

P.s. Planning to watch the next game? Read up and check if you have everything in The Ultimate Survival Pack to the KL2017 SEA Games. You're welcome.

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