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How Game of Thrones Made Us Bend the Knee for the Past 7 Seasons

Just another week without Thrones and withdrawals are hitting us hard!Here's a mandatory disclaimer to all you folks who have not caught up with the latest season of Game of Thrones: Whether you're new to the show or just absolutely obsessed, please note that there may be spoilers below. Don't say we didn't warn you!


With just 6 episodes left and a year (or more) to the end of the biggest blockbuster television series of the decade, we look forward to know how will it all end for the Great War and what does this mean to the fate of our favourite characters from the show.

While there are still many burning questions left unanswered, we are pretty amazed by the chilling number of hype this fantasy drama created, influencing millions of viewers worldwide.

Here's how Game of Thrones has successfully made its way into almost every social conversation in today's pop culture:


It all started from George R.R Martin's book on A Game of Thrones that came about 20 years ago which was brought to life as today's most watched television series. In this extraordinary universe of dragons, ice zombies, and red witches, viewers were exposed to different settings of Westeros that can easily lead to a whole different storyline. In fact, we are expecting a number of spin-offs which are confirmed after the original show ends. #yasss

Take a look at this intensive map of Westeros and you'll get what we mean.

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It's not easy for a science-fiction, fantasy TV show to lure viewers due to its niche demographic, but Game of Thrones has successfully won the hearts of both hardcore fans and casual viewers to form an ever-growing fan base.

The secret to it? We believe it's all in the meticulous details from the show. Game of Thrones is exceptionally popular for dropping hints and Easter eggs that would spark curiosity among fans. Till today, there are still speculated theories circulating around the internet, allowing fans to dig deeper into the show. #obsessed


Without a doubt, Game of Thrones has never failed to blow viewers away from the unexpected storyline and political complexity to deliver a gripping story for the show.

From the horrific death of Ned Stark way back in Season 1, viewers were already well-warned that anything (and we mean, ANYTHING) can come spontaneously and HBO is taking no chances in sparing off all censorships.

It was the beginning to some of the most dramatic and gasp-inducing plot twists that subconsciously toy with our thoughts and emotions throughout the show. *cue Season's 3 Red Wedding.

The show made headlines each week a new episode was released with episode breakdowns, explanations or any sort of angle that would intrigue viewers to have the need to know more.


Notoriously known for killing off characters without much hesitation, Game of Thrones has a number of memorable characters that viewers strongly 'ship' on taking over the Iron Throne.

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We've seen great actors grow together with the show like Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister, the smooth-spoken imp, to Kit Harrington as Jon Snow (aka Aegon Targaryen), our favourite King of the North whose true parentage was recently revealed, as well as the beautiful Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen, mother of dragons, and the list just goes on.These well-rounded characters are played by an amazing set of talents that are either rising stars of tomorrow or veteran actors from yesterday that have become today's pop-culture icons.


Lastly, there is really nothing much to say but IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER.

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From season after season, Game of Thrones promises to deliver a groundbreaking cinematic experience on the small screen that sends chills down your spine. We're not just talking about the immersive special effects and killer TV production (who are we kidding), but the breathtaking shooting scenes that took place at some of the most magical places in Spain, Croatia, North Ireland, and even Iceland.

Still not buying it? Take a look at this excellent trailer mash-up to relive some of the most epic scenes throughout season 7:

Today, businesses and brands alike have started riding on the hype of what was once just a fantasy cable-tv series that has now known as one of the top trending topics on social media.

Game of Thrones, you've earned our hearts.

Now if you will excuse us, we would like to go back and mourn till the final season returns.

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