In this digital age, we've been keeping up with the ever changing trends revolve around the Internet of things.
We've worked with several organisations through a variety of works that includes design, content and development with the aims to provide a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.
Similar to building up a brick & mortar store, it takes more that just structuring and hosting a new website. From creating seamless designs to cater your ideal look & feel, we are your guy when it comes to website revampment or building one from scratch.
Project management are made easy through providing our clients an intergrated and advanced system implementation. Our team at INKA strive to provide support for a smooth UI & UX experience for organisations in developing a system that can put your mind at rest.
The voice behind your organisation's Facebook and Instagram page, we specialise in creating compelling content on social media to spark online conversations between your market.
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Modern and classic creatives are essential to provide a full experience to your business integrity.
We take pride in our work from constantly pushing boundaries in design and creating tangible materials with the ability to achieve above and beyond our client's expectations.