By integrating a little playfulness, lux and friendliness, the vision for baby fashion brand Little Plums & Cherries were achieved through its corporate identity. We adapted the brand image to an e-commerce platform that optimised the sales process and ensured a high retention rate of users through the sales journey.
We designed Prenz's corporate identity and website through expert analysis of their products and kitchen design concepts. We broke it down and adapted it into a brand identity that flows all the way to its products and collaterals to achieve a streamlined and elegant face of the brand.
Readi HRF
There's a strong challenge in integrating stylish visuals, readability, information and brand elements into a collateral. By innovating layout options, colour usage and infographic density, we designed READI HRF's report to be very readable, visually engaging and impactful.
How do you reinvent the industry standard for an IT company? We designed the brand to be dynamic yet professional, introducing credibility, performance and visual impact to enhance and improve customer retention, lead generation and brand credibility.
British American Tobacco
We designed the Annual Report to be a mirror of everything BAT stood for: the people. Showcasing the diverse and fun team at the company, we paired it with fun and easy-to-understand infographics alongside a pagination system with complementing white spaces to enable legibility and continuity in readers to understand the entirety of the report without getting tired.
Paws On The Run
We designed their brand architecture to stand out in its vibrancy and happy mood so that the brand has a friendly and approachable identity that is transferred to physical, digital and systemic platforms respectively.

It's complemented by the same feel in the social media platforms to improve brand association, awareness and engagement. We immediately had customers and fans sharing their happy and funny stories about their pets, translating everything we dreamt for Paws On The Run into reality.
CDC is the specialist organisation that assists exiting staff members in the government sector, ensuring they advance from their current roles into a better future. We designed an identity for CDC that encapsulates their beliefs, which is the synergistic roles of agility, progression, empathy, and value for people.
Raige The Label is a fashion label rapidly making its mark in the Malaysian retail scene. We conceptualised the brand through elements that tells the founding story of Raige The Label entering into the world of Fashion Retail.
CFM is the Malaysian government's designated forum that prepares consumer codes for communications and multimedia service providers to protect the rights of consumers of that sector. Inspired by what they do, we designed their Annual Report to reflect the spectrum of responsibilities they carry and interpreted their role in media using the very colours that represent the medium of the report — Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.
PENGURUSAN ASET AIR BERHAD (PAAB) restructures the water services industry in Malaysia to achieve better efficiency and quality. To keep the readers engaged, we designed an illustrated, vibrant Annual Report for PAAB to complement its fact-driven content.
We collaborated with the Performance Management And Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), under the Prime Minister's Department to design the National Transformation Programme Annual Report 2016 Review.
Proventus is a team management platform that helps you communicate with your team anywhere on desktop and mobile devices. Proventus reached out to us to develop a UI that matches its capacity and potential to change the way organisations work. We created a solution that does that and does it well.
Robinsons is one of the most celebrated department stores with a presence in Malaysia and Singapore, with rich history in Malaysia going back as far as 50 years. As a part of the Al Futtaim Group in the present day, Robinsons caters to an audience that appreciates high-end fashion, home appliances and lifestyle brands. To ensure that their brand is always relevant to their customers, Robinsons reached out to us for a reimagination of their social media presence and their interaction with the customers.
Meraque is a fresh facilities management company coming in strong to the FM industry. With a collective strength of long standing talents from the industry, Meraque seeks to push the boundaries of the industry to greater heights. We were commissioned to portray their positive transformational solution through a solid brand identity, along with the collaterals and Internet presence.
Rhapsody is a beloved timepiece distributor in Malaysia. Known for their reasonably priced watches and the brands they carry, Rhapsody wants to share their love for quality and affordable timepiece to a wider audience. To do so, they reached out to us. Together, we have formed a long-term partnership that saw the creation of multiple social media and on-site campaigns that we have come to love and adore.
Chartered Institute of Islamic Finance Professionals (CIIF) was established in 2015 as a professional body for Islamic finance practitioners to support the capacity building agenda of the industry by setting professional standards to drive the next phase of Islamic finance human capital development. We conceived and executed a brand identity for CIIF to highlight its goals and mission towards the continuous pursuit and development of cutting-edge knowledge in Islamic finance.
Fantastic Tour is a tour company in Langkawi that provides "All-In-One" tour services to make traveling as simple and hassle-free as possible to their customers. Their services come with a full-ranged interactive travel treasure, bearing a variety of Langkawi travel information, including tourist attractions, ground arrangement, travel tips, travel deals. We had the opportunity to absorb their culture, ideas and passion for traveling and express it in the form of a vibrant branding system.
SinaLand (formerly known as Sinar Pembangunan Sdn Bhd) is one of the long-established developers in Sabah. SinaLand takes great pride as one of the few “sell-upon-completion” developers in Sabah. To make sure that their online presence is as captivating as their properties, we designed a website that radiates their extensive knowledge and experience in the property development field of Sabah.
When Baseliner approached us, they were seeking for a branding system that portrays their fun, vibrant and comfortable personality. And that's what we did — a visual reimagining of their brand story using some of our best design techniques and the latest technology.
Swift is Malaysia's leading web-hosting system that handles the entire strenuous setup process for the customers, so that their website is 100% live when they view it for the very first time. SWIFT sets itself apart from its rivals by providing dedicated support and optimised server blocks for every client. We designed a brand identity and website that captures the simplicity that they would like to bring across to their audience: a clean and hassle-free approach to web-hosting.
Quik is a rapid web-creation system that is all about creating a website for businesses the fast, affordable and hassle-free way. At a fragment of a cost, SMEs and startups can obtain a website that looks great and works well. The brief was to create a branding system that tells the audience about Quik's simplicity and agility from the logo to the website. And that's what we did and did well.
“Sustainable Consumption and Production (‘SCP’) Policy Support Malaysia Project” is a Malaysian-government initiative that was launched in 2012 when the government recognised that the current practices of industry and consumers are unsustainable and will impact negatively on the quality of life of the present and future generations, if unabated. We created a web portal for the initiative to allow consumers to easily access SCP's latest information and stay up to date with the industry's practices.
RD&S is a subsidiary of Micronnexus, hailing from Germany. Together, we have created a set of corporate profile and folders to outline their strengths to the market, elegantly. Because a great first impression says plenty, we also designed business cards an an Annual Report that does that and more for RD&S.
Mothercare Malaysia is a specialist retailer of products for mothers-to-be, babies and children up to the age of eight. To set up an online presence so that more mothers-to-be can find them, Mothercare Malaysia partnered with us to create EDMs, an official website and more.
Quill Automobile's website was developed based on the specifications from Munich, containing various aspects of the BMW digital branding guideline which required us to conduct in-depth study on ideal methods and practices for construction. The final work delivered met all requirements down to the pixel and optimised the site to be leaner and higher ranking than the original source.
Hailing from Germany, MicronNexus is the leading IT solutions company, offering a variety of IT services from network consultation to security check. We designed a set of corporate folders and brochures that tells their brand story revolving their motto, "Driving change with innovation".
Globalifestyle International offers brand development, fashion design and production, catering specifically to the Retail Sector. From store design to retail placing, they know best. We created a brand identity for Globalifestyle International that reflects the attributes of the company: expertise in everything fashion-related.
Altech is one of the pioneers of unitized aluminum curtain wall installation in Malaysia, specialising in architectural building products. We crafted an identity derived from the alphabet "a" and paired the icon with an angular typeface to suggest aluminum beams, the core material Altech products.